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We are continually developing links with other organisations to enhance and complement our service provision for schools and academies and have developed relationships with providers in:

• occupational health
• payroll services

Occupational Health Provision

educateHR is able to provide access to an occupational health provider (or facilitate provision where the school or academy already has their own contacts in place).

In all cases educateHR will be the interface between the school/academy and the occupational health provider (who must hold appropriate medical qualification (TP approved status) for completion of documentation for ill-health retirement).

Their charging mechanism is a cost effective ‘pay as you go’ service for each referral visit (ie a face to face contact) with reports being produced within 48 hours of appointment.

Our advisors will support managers in referring staff as appropriate eg

• notifying the employee by letter
• completing an occupational health referral form
• attending related meetings with the employee subsequent to occupational
   health assessment
• liaising directly with the occupational health provider
• advising on next steps eg phased return to work, necessary adjustments,
   health incapacity etc.

For further details please download a pdf from this link: educateHR Occupational Health

Payroll Services

educateHR will act as the intermediary between the school/academy and the sub-contractor.

We will liaise with designated employees within the school/academy to formulate effective transfer of data that satisfies audit requirements. educateHR can provide the following payroll services for the school/academy:

• advise the sub-contractor of new starter details
• calculate salary details for new employees
• calculate salary variations when changes occur (increments, variations to
   hours etc)
• assist with notifications to the relevant pensions providers
• assist with the calculation of salary for casual workers
• advise the sub-contractor of leavers
• assist with statistical returns to the DfE/LA

Disclosure and Barring Service

We are working closely with one of the largest umbrella bodies in the country. They have been processing disclosures since 2002 and are extremely competitive in offering an online electronic system with rapid turnaround times (often within 24/48 hours).

The school/academy will be responsible for paying any additional charges made by other providers/agencies for DBS checks/advertisements etc and these will be administered by educateHR.
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